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The 57th Annual Obies Awards were presented at Webster Hall on Monday, May 21, 2012.


Special Citation

  • Mark Bennett, Denis O'Hare, Lisa Peterson, and Stephen Spinella

    An Iliad

  • Erin Courtney and Ken Rus Schmoll

    A Map of Virtue

  • Elevator Repair Service

  • Steven Hoggett, Martin Lowe, and John Tiffany


  • Daniel Kitson

    It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later

  • Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra

    No Place to Go

The Ross Wetzsteon Award

  • Youngblood

Sustained Excellence of Set Design

  • Mimi Lien

Sustained Excellence of Performance

  • Jim Fletcher

Sustained Excellence of Lighting Design

  • Mark Barton

Sound Design

  • Matt Tierney and Ben Williams

    The Select (The Sun Also Rises)


  • Kristen Greenidge

    Milk Like Sugar


  • Steven Boyer

    Hand to God

  • Cherise Boothe

    Milk Like Sugar

  • Gabriel Ebert and Mary Louise Wilson

    4000 Miles

  • Santino Fontana

    Sons of the Prophet

  • Linda Lavin

    The Lyons

  • Susan Pourfar


Obie Grant

  • The Bushwick Starr

  • The Debate Society

Lifetime Achievement

  • Caridad Svich

Ensemble Performance

  • Jon DeVries, Shuler Hensley, Maryann Plunkett, Laila Robbins, Jay O. Sanders, J. Smith-Cameron

    Sweet and Sad


  • Richard Maxwell

    Early Plays

  • Jay Scheib

    World of Wires

Best New American Play

  • Amy Herzog

    4000 Miles

Obie Committee

  • Brian Parks, Michael Feingold, Annie Baker, Anne Kauffman, Jose Rivera, Helen Shaw, Alexis Soloski