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A Chorus Line was a big hit in the mid 70s and Ain't Misbehavin' received a Special Citation and acclaim for Nell Carter.

Groucho Marx hosted at the Village Gate in 1972.

Rue McClanahan, Ruby Dee, James Woods, Nell Carter, Judd Hirsch were all winners, just to name a few.


Special Citations

  • Orlando Furioso

Distinguished Production

  • The Trial of the Catonsville 9

Distinguished Plays

  • Ed Bullins

    "The Fabulous Miss Maria," "In New England Winter"

  • David Rabe

Distinguished Performances

  • Susan Batson

  • Margaret Braidwood

  • Hector Elizondo

  • Donald Ewer

  • Sonny Jim (Gaines)

  • Stacy Keach

  • Harris Laskawy

  • Joan MacIntosh

  • William Schallert

  • James Woods

  • Kirk Kirksey

Distinguished Direction

  • John Berry

    Boesman and Lona

  • John Hirsch


  • Gordon Davidson

    The Trial of the Catonsville 9

  • Jeff BLeckner

    Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel

  • Larry Kornfeld

    Dracula Sabbat

Best Performance by an Actress

  • Ruby Dee

    Boesman and Lena

Best Performance by an Actor

  • Jack MacGowan


Best Foreign Play

  • Athol Fugard

    Boesman and Lena

  • Heathcote Williams


  • Derek Walcott

    Dream on Monkey Mountain

Best American Play

  • John Guare

    House of Blue Leaves

Obie Committee

  • Harold Clurman

  • John Lahr

  • Edith Oliver

Hosts & Presenters


Elaine May