1970s Featured Image

A Chorus Line was a big hit in the mid 70s and Ain't Misbehavin' received a Special Citation and acclaim for Nell Carter.

Groucho Marx hosted at the Village Gate in 1972.

Rue McClanahan, Ruby Dee, James Woods, Nell Carter, Judd Hirsch were all winners, just to name a few.


Sustained Achievement

  • Al Carmines

Special Citations

  • Gordon Chater, Richard Wherrett, and Steve J. Spears

    The Elocution of Benjamin

  • JoAnne Akalaitis, Ellen McElduff, and David Warrilow

    Southern Exposure

  • Tadeusz Kantor

    The Dead Class

  • The French Department of NYU

    for its Samuel Beckett Festival

Sustained Excellence of Ensemble Acting

  • The Negro Ensemble Company


  • Rosalyn Drexler

    The Writer's Opera

  • Susan Miller

    "Nasty Rumors" and "Final Remarks"

  • Richard Nelson

    Vienna Notes

  • Bernard Pomerance

    The Elephant Man

  • Sam Shepard

    Buried Child


  • Mary Alice

    "Nongogo" and "Julius Caesar"

  • Philip Anglim

    The Elephant Man

  • Joseph Buloff

    The Price

  • Constance Cummings


  • Fred Gwynne

    Grand Magic

  • Judd Hirsch

    Talley's Folley

  • Marcell Rosenblatt

    Vienna Notes

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    Taken in Marriage


  • Maria Irene Fornes

    Eyes on the Harem

  • Jack Ofsiss

    The Elephant Man

Design: Sets and Lighting

  • Theatre X

    A Fierce Longing

  • Jennifer Tipton of the Public theatre

Best New American Play

  • Michael McClure


Obie Committee

  • Eric Bentley, Ruth Maylees

    Guest Judges

  • Erika Munk

    Voice Theatre editor

  • Michael Feingold, Terry Curtis Fox, Julius Novick, and Arthur Sainer

    Voice Theatre critics

  • Ross Wetzsteon


Hosts & Presenters


Ron Leibman