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The 1960s saw the beginnings of Edward Albee with his first play, The Zoo Story, receiving an Obie. Colleen Dewhurst, Samuel Beckett, and Robert Duvall were just a few who garnered the award, while an up and coming Dustin Hoffman received the Obie for his performance in The Exhaustion of Our Son's Love.


Best American Play

  • Robert Lowell

    The Old Glory

Best Musical Production

  • The Cradle Will Rock

Best Direction

  • Ulu Grosbard

    A View from the Bridge

Best Costumes

  • Willa Kim

    The Old Glory

Distinguished Plays

  • Maria Irene Fornes

    "Promenade" and "The Successful Life of 3"

Distinguished Performances

  • Sada Thompson


  • Rosemary Harris

    APA Repertory

  • Roberts Blossom

    Do Not Pass Go

  • Robert Duvall

    A View from the Bridge

  • Margaret De Priest

    The Place for Chance

  • Joseph Chaikin

    "Victims of Duty" and "The Exception and the Rule"

  • James Earl Jones


  • Frances Sternhagen

    "The Room" and "A Slight Ache"

  • Dean Dittmann

    The Cradle Will Rock

  • Brian Bedford

    The Knack

Special Citations

  • The Paper Bag Players

    for raising the level of children's theatre through intelligence, imagination, and respecfor its audiences

  • Caffe Cino and Cafe La Mama

    for creating opportunities for new playwrights to confront audiences and gain experience of the real theatre

Obie Committee

  • Richard Gilman, Gordon Rogoff, Michael Smith

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Gloria Foster