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The 1960s saw the beginnings of Edward Albee with his first play, The Zoo Story, receiving an Obie. Colleen Dewhurst, Samuel Beckett, and Robert Duvall were just a few who garnered the award, while an up and coming Dustin Hoffman received the Obie for his performance in The Exhaustion of Our Son's Love.


Best Actor

  • Dustin Hoffman

    The Exhaustion of Our Son's Love

Best Actress

  • Jane White

    "Coriolanus" and "Love's Labour's Lost"


  • Jacques Levy

    "As Old As Your Arteries," "Red Cross," and "The Next Thing"

Set Design

  • Ed Wittstein

    Serjeant Musgrave's Dance

  • Lindsey Decker

    Red Cross

Best American Play

  • Ronald Ribman

    The Journey of the Fifth Horse

Distinguished Plays

  • Emanuel Peluso

    Good Day

  • Sam Shepard

    "Chicago," "Icarus's Mother," and "Red Cross"

Distinguished Performances

  • Sharon Gans

    Soon Jack November

  • Michael Lipton

    The Trial

  • Mari-Claire Charba


  • Kevin O'Connor


  • Jess Osuna

    "Bugs" and "Veronica"

  • Gloria Foster


  • Frank Langella

    "Good Day" and "The White Devil"

  • Florence Tarlow

    "Istanbul," "Red Cross," and "A Beautiful Day"

  • Douglas Turner Ward

    Days of Absence

  • Clarice Blackburn

    The Exhaustion of Our Son's Love

Special Citations

  • Theatre for Ideas

    for encouraging exploration in dramatic literature and music

  • Theater in the Street

    for upholding the tradition of street theatre and reaching out to new English- and Spanish-speaking audiences

  • Peter Schumann

    for his Bread and Puppet Theatre, which embodies a courageous and rigorous vision and practice of theatre engaged with its time

  • Joseph H. Dunn

    The Automobile Graveyard which brilliantly combines the arts of design, lighting, and staging for audience involvement

  • H.M. Koutoukas

    for the style and energy of his assaults on the theatre in both playwrighting and production

Obie Committee

  • Albert Bermel, Maria Irene Fornes, Robert Pasolli, Isaiah Shaffer, Michael Smith

Hosts & Presenters


Anne Jackson