Relief Fund Formed to Support the Community of Artists Working Off- and Off-Off-Broadway


The shuttering of more than 90 Off- and Off-Off-Broadway productions has left an untenable number of theatre workers suddenly without work. The Wing, with the council and guidance of the Obie Awards’ Judges Panel (co-chaired by Obie-winning scenic designer Rachel Hauck and choreographer Sam Pinkleton), has created a $250,000 Theatre Artists Relief Fund in order to get money directly into the hands of artists. This fund, which is generously supported by the Edwin Barbey Charitable Trust and the theatrical production company No Guarantees, will grant each of these artists $500 to help sustain them during this period of mandatory shutdowns.

To aid in distributing these funds, the Wing has created an online resource database which is striving to assemble a comprehensive list of each theatre, production, freelance artist, technician, and theatre worker affected by the shutdown. Artists who were working on these productions may each receive $500 in aid by simply registering via a form on our website. While the Wing has worked to assemble the information for all productions Off- and Off-Off-Broadway that were affected by the shutdown, artists who have been unintentionally excluded are also encouraged to apply. There is a limited pool of funds, which will be paid by check, on a first come, first serve basis.

For a complete list of eligible theatre artists from these productions, please visit

Due to an overwhelming response, in less than 24 hours we have received over 500+ requests exhausting our initial $250,000 relief fund. If you would like to add your name to the resource database for Off- and Off- Off- Broadway shows and freelance artists affected please email Thank you for understanding.